Frequently Asked Questions

Medley & Sons Autobody is committed to complete customer satisfaction throughout every step of the vehicle restoration process, from the moment you contact us to the moment you drive away in your repaired vehicle.

Here is a collection of many common questions we have heard in our years in the auto body repair industry, along with our answers. If you don’t find the information you need, feel free to contact us.

How do I choose the right auto facility for me?

My insurance company is steering me to a certain body shop. Do I have to go there?

Do I have to get two or three estimates for my insurance company?

How much will this repair cost?

If I turn this claim in to my insurance company, won’t my premiums increase?

I want to pay for the damage myself because I think it may be less than my deductible.  Should I?

The person who ran into me wants to pay for it himself. Is this a good idea?

My insurance company has issued a check for less than your estimate. Will I have to pay the difference?

What kind of warranty does Medley & Sons offer?

How well will the paint color match the old color?

Will my car ever be the same after an accident?

I need a rental car. How do I go about arranging one?

How soon after the repairs are complete may I wash and wax my car?